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Julie de Ruijter

Studio Poca

As Studio Poca, Julie de Ruijter develops ritualistic artworks and interactive rituals. With an emphasis on textile design, atmospheres, and natural materials.

After her Fashion studies at the Royal Academy of Art, Julie worked as a fashion designer. Feeling out of place in the exploitative industry, she decided to start her own studio. From that moment on, Julie started to work from her natural rhythm and vision, where she focuses more on autonomous projects.

Through her work, Julie explores how restoring our connection to our intuitive, visual and symbolic world can contribute to new systems of life. Researching ways of restoring our reciprocal relationship with the natural world by reconnecting with natural rhythms and the mystical. Her work invites the viewer to introspection and to discover realms beyond the rational and tangible.

‘My work acts as a ritualistic practice where I explore ways to reconnect with natural cycles and intuitive knowledge. Investigating which archetypal shapes are hiding in our inner world and exploring the value of symbolic, magical objects to form a connection with our inner realm and our kin. Like a bridge between two worlds, I find myself constantly trying to capture the intangible.’